Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Studio

Welcome tou our midi music studio. Located at Bandar Country Homes Rawang Selangor.

We are always want to give the best in our rutin performances. Therefor we always update our midi collections. We have our own sound engineer and he is also our only brother Adza Edie Izwan Adenan.

As for the music arrangement and programming, we are proud to say that our beloved father Adenan Arshad is the one did it all. He was a music teacher and our only mentor.

We are also welcome any request for any new midi programming. Just e-mail us the details and we get back to you.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Adza Tutyrianti Bte AdenanVocalist, choreographer.

Tuty`s small frame believes in her vocal capability and energy. Her vocal prowess will not fail to impress even the most critical of guests. She sings with ease and confidence is always ready to answer request from guests.

She had also made her recording debut in 1998 with a group called G.I.M (Girls In Music), and has to date performed in numerous dinner shows, festive, and special celebration functions. She also acts as a choreographer in the band.

Places performed, such as..,· Travelers Bar and Grill, Pan Pacific Hotel KLIA· Blue Moon, Equatorial Hotel – Kuala Lumpur· Windows Lounge, Dorsett Regency Hotel – Kuala Lumpur· Crossroad, Concorde Hotel - Kuala Lumpur and now in Hotel Shang Ri La KL


"The' most aligible bachelor in KL"

and the best guitarist in town!!


Tengku is the keyboardist for D'Adza Band.

He's also the husband to lead singer, Iyanie.

And also a father to a beautiful girl

name Tengku Adza Nadhirah.

Yup ladies!!! He's Taken!
But everyone will agree with me,

that Tengku's new look make him young..

Much more younger..
(he pay me to say that) Hahahahaha.

The History

Here is some of the band's hidden history..

Before D Adza Band was existed there were a group
named D Adza Sister.

from right : Iyanie , Ida , Rina and Tuty

But after one of our sister ida got married and settle down,
she then left the group to be a great wife and cool mommy
to her four beatiful children.. But the truth is...
(she gain a lot of weight and got FAT) hahaha..

But before they split up, they acted together in a VCD called OK
that hits the market on 2001


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